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Hide Your Daughter from the “Deliverers”

The mass rape of Serbian women and girls by the Red Army at the end of 1944 and beginning of ’45 has never been brought to light, judged or punished. To this day the bloody communist occupation of Serbia has been viewed as some kind of “deliverance”, and these beastly red bandits celebrated as some sort of “freedom fighters.”

“Komm Frau” (German: “Come here Woman”) - sculpture of a soviet soldier raping a pregnant Polish woman, by Polish artist Jerzy Szumszyk

After two and a half years under German occupation during which General Milan Nedic had provided peace for Serbia under his government and with his national military force, Partizan general headquarters, aided by the Anglo-American establishment, decided to occupy Serbia and its capital city Belgrade with the help of the Red Army.

Tito’s Partizans, whom Churchill armed, clothed, and fed well, pushed their way across the Drina, while the Red Soviet hordes struck through from Bulgaria and Romania. With the support of the Allies’ criminal bombing of Serbian cities, on Pascha (Easter) Sunday and the King’s birthday, it took about two months for the Communists to achieve their goal of a hellish occupation of Serbia.
Upon occupying the country, the Communists forced the unhappy Serbian people with fire and sword into  the monstrous lie of celebrating the Red scoundrels, inveterate criminals, as their deliverers, and their “government” as truly “of the people”.

The behavior of our fatherland’s new invaders, the Reds, upon their first meeting with our people speaks for itself, of which the Communist dissident Milovan Djilas timidly mentions in his memoirs. Namely, as soon as the Germans and the national soldiers of Nedic’s government retreated, as soon as Stalin’s boots stepped onto the territory of Serbia, a bestial mass rape of the Serbian women and girls, regardless of age, was unleashed, the likes of which had never been seen even during the worst times of the Turkish yoke which spanned five centuries.

In the cities the first to be killed were the POWs from the ranks of the Wehrmacht (mostly minors), Nedic’s imprisoned national fighters, and then any male civilians who were not pro-communist. Afterwards the Red terror directed its lust and bloodlust on the now defenseless girls and women. It was no different in the countryside. Eyewitnesses speak of the killing of people because of their watches, after having been told, “I freed you with our Communist revolution, you have to give me your watch, or you are a counter-revolutionary.” In many villages, the people and clergy, deceived by propaganda radio emissions from London and Moscow, as well as Partizan and Ravna Gora agitations that the Soviet Union was “Mother Russia” and the Red soldier a “Russian Batushka” (“Russian ‘little father’), greeted the Soviets festively, with icons, bread and salt. The Red soldiers would first throw the icons on the ground, and then the Red terror would follow. There are cases of Communists killing women’s mothers-in-law because they refused to leave their bed free for raping.

Older Belgradians remember well, and those who were concerned with these matters heard of all sorts of things, from Red soldiers, drunk to the point of delirium, breaking into homes, fighting over who would rape the daughter, who the mother, and taking women away to cellars and forests where they were gang raped.

The Communist, biased data (the real numbers surely exceed these already horrific ones many times over), which Milovan Djilas records, of war crimes by the Red army on the territory of interior Serbia in the last months of 1944 are the following:
-1,219 recorded rapes
-395 attempts at rape with injury
-111 rapes ending in murder
-248 rapes with injury and attempted murder
-1,204 robberies with severe injuries or killing
The total number of Communist data exceeds 5,000 raped Serbian women and girls.

In the territory of Belgrade itself the statistics are even worse: 2,000 women and girls were raped.
Unfortunately, this was not the case only here in Serbia. There were others who fared even worse.
The Germans suffered the worst at the bestial hands of the Red “freedom fighters,” but so did the Poles, Lithuanians, and Estonians.

Contemporary illustration of Stalin’s troops violating a German girl

There are cities in eastern Prussia in which EVERY FEMALE from ages 10 to 89 was raped. These rapes were not the spontaneous reaction of unruly soldiers, but rather a deliberate, methodical plan of humiliating and breaking the pride of an anti-communist, Christian nation. By special command of Jewish commissars, the rapes were most often carried out in the eyes of parents, husbands, children and other members of the family of these unhappy victims, to humiliate them all the more. The overall rapes by the Soviet army in 1944-45 reach several million.

God will grant justice, and one day will dawn the true deliverance of Serbianhood from the commu-democratic tyranny and unscrupulous lies which present an absolute evil as an absolute good.

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